How do I install NOD with yours virtualization?
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    How do I install NOD with yours virtualization?

    by administrator » 15 Mar 2018, 16:04

    1. Download the current version of the installation software in ISO format.
    2. Use the ISO file to create the bootable media (USB flash drive, CD / DVD). The media creation process, for example, here.
    3. Connect the boot medium to the server you want to install. You can find the minimum and recommended configuration for your hardware here.
    4. When you turn on the server, you will get the installation start page. The system will guide you to the next steps.
    5. Once your server has been configured, you will see the server's IP address on its screen. Use this IP in your web browser of the pc, tablet, and so on.
    6. Before you run the installation in the browser, you can name the physical server as well as the new location that is given by the network in which you have the server located. You can change name changes any time after the installation is complete.
    7. The last step before installation is to sign in to an existing user account or to register a new account.
    8. The installation progress is displayed in the computer's Web browser and on the physical server screen.
    9. Along with completing the installation, you are prompted to remove the bootable media and reboot the physical server.

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