How do I create a virtual server?
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    How do I create a virtual server?

    by administrator » 15 Mar 2018, 15:48

    Installation procedure

    1. First, you need to have our virtualization installed on your physical server (see the NOD installation procedure).
    2. In the user interface under your account, click "Add" at the top right and select "Virtual Server".
    3. Choose the installation image (list) or use your own, select a physical server, modify the parameters for the new VPS (number of vCPU, RAM, disk size, etc). Configuration of VPS can be changed after setting up.
    4. Now wait for downloading installation media to your NOD and creating VPS.
    5. After the VPS is created, the installation CD/DVD is inserted into the virtual drive. This procedure applies to installations from the OS menu, custom ISO, and some applications. When installing applications with some the content management system, the installation of the operating system is complete and you manually complete the CMS installation as required by the CMS systems.
    6. You can access the remote screen using a third-party VNC application (the login information can be edited in VPS detail). On OSx, you can access the remote screen via "Apple Screen Sharing" (see "Console" link in VPS detail).

    Failed to create a virtual server or the installation process failed

    1. In case of installation from custom ISO images, a failure may result, for example, due to a mistaken url of the ISO image path. In this case, review the url path and repeat create the VPS. It should also be noted that your chosen boot medium may not be compatible with our virtualization base. For example, when booting from a media, you may encounter too short a time for user confirmation of the installer load option or other operational problems after installation.
    2. "No bootable device" = disconnected installation media. The most common cause may be the incomplete installation of the operating system by the user or the interruption of installation by an unplanned restart. The solution is always to run the server's VPS reinstallation, which will reconnect the media after a while. Reinstalling the server or restarting the server should be used with caution. Repeated clicks in a short sequence will not resolve the process, but will interrupt and do not yield the desired result.

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