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Forum Rules
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    Forum Rules

    by administrator » 16 Feb 2018, 14:13

    Forum Rules

    What is forbidden
    1. Vulgarian contributions, assaulting and insulting other users.
    2. Any violation of laws or the Constitution of the Czech Republic.
    3. Advertising, advertising, spamming.
    4. Inserting personal and corporate advertising (purchase, sale, demand, offer).
    5. Insertion of nonsensical contributions or contributions with consciously untrue content.
    6. Handling discussions, such as going under multiple nicknames.
    7. Excessive capitalization in discussion posts or their titles.
    8. Discussions in a language other than English.

    What we recommend
    1. Think about the heading of the discussion, instead of the general "please advise" in the title, what is your specific problem.
    2. Give your attention to new topic-based topics by selecting a suitable discussion forum to increase the likelihood of a good response.
    3. Use the search engine in the top right corner, queries are repeated, and sometimes it is more appropriate to search for an earlier discussion of the topic than to create a new one.
    4. Answer only the topic the questioner asks.

    Discussion Administrator is authorized
    1. Change the text of the article or its title at any time. cancel the entire post.
    2. Move discussions between discussion forums.
    3. Cancel the user profile.
    4. Disallow user access to the discussion forum if it violates particularly the rules of the forum.
    5. Enter discussion (including closed discussion groups) and moderate discussion.
    6. When suspected of committing a crime, contact the Police of the Czech Republic.
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